A unique ADI association set up in 1996 to help and assist the individual professional ADI.

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Some comments from satisfied members.

About 10 years ago I had a check test and got a grade 5, 5 months later I got a letter for another check test. I contacted The ADI Federation very stressed and within an hour they had contacted the DSA. This resulted in my local S/E contacting me to apologies saying that he had sent the letter to the wrong Mr B*** Not sure what our ADI number is for if it does not identify us. But The ADI Federation not only got this sorted in such a short time, they reduced my stress - and even got me an apology from the DSA!

Hi Barbara

Time to say goodbye.

Thanks for setting up an excellent Federation.
I'm sure you've been told many times what a good job you do, but heres one more anyway.
Although I've not often used the Federation, the knowledge that its there has been a great comfort over the years.
I have enjoyed the CPD courses that i've been on and the AGMs were always good fun. Another highlight was passing the Cardington test with the help of The ADI Federation.
My last pupil passed last week and I am now pretty much full-time gardening.
I also have an interest in an art gallery, so if you're ever passing through Henley- in- Arden do pop in. You can see it at www.thegalleryupstairstorquil.co.uk
Good luck and keep up the good work.
Paul Moon. Alcester, Warwickshire

I have been a Federation member for approximately 8 years.
Although not a very “active” member,  I have paid my subscriptions on a regular basis.  When I first joined I regarded it as like having an insurance policy – one day I may need to make a claim, but that would be in the long term future.  Everything was hunky dory – no worries, business good, job secure  etc.

Recently, however, things have changed. The recession hit, goal posts have been moved and a new coalition government arrived on the scene.  Suddenly I had a very big problem.   What should I do?  Then I remembered about my “insurance” policy.  I rang BT.  No, not them, but Barbara Trafford!  I had paid my premiums and now had to make a claim.

This was a big claim involving possible job loss and subsequent financial deprivation and hardship if it wasn’t sorted quickly and efficiently.  With one call to BT I immediately received some reassurance, immediate action and the promise of resolving the matter.  I instantly felt better! A couple of weeks later the matter was resolved to my satisfaction.

A quick calculation revealed that my “premiums” had cost me approximately £400 over 8 years (£1 per week).  The preservation of my job would run into the saving of thousands of pounds.  Not to mention the peace of mind and removal of stress involved.  Verdict: money very well spent.

The moral of this story is:  if you don’t pay the premiums, then you cannot claim on the policy.  Therefore I would very strongly advise that if you are no longer a currently paid up member of the Federation, then pay up very quickly.  If you haven’t joined, then JOIN NOW!  You need your Federation and the Federation needs YOU.

Name and address supplied.

I would like to thank the ADI Federation for a a job well done and for providing a first class member service that no other ADI organisation seems to be able to match. What a pity the Driving Standards Agency with its captive market are left way behind when it comes down to true customer service.

Not only did the Federation get and answer to my problem, but it was resolved the same day and within a couple of hours of asking for help, which is very impressive indeed.

Many thanks for a job well done. Do keep up the good work as our industry desperately needs you.
John Neilson
Director of Training
Headway MSL

It is now 5-years since my retirement.
I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate the new format of news and useful information received through the Internet Many many thanks - Tony Smith, Stockport.

I would like to tell others why I joined The ADI Federation.
30 years instructing grade 5 never any trouble with the examiners. Until a certain SE came to town where I live and work. I had a fallout with the examiners and I got a check test some 5-months early and my grade went to a 4. I just stood and laughed - next time I got a 3!
A driving instructor friend of mine told me to call The ADI Federation, who would understand my problems.
They seemed to know where I was coming from so I joined there and then. Put my ADI Federation window sticker on the windscreen BEST THING I EVER DID. Went back to grade 5 happy days.

I first met Barbara Trafford when I was working for the Driving Standards Agency (DSA - now DVSA), a Government Agency of the Department of Transport.
At the time I was the Acting Deputy Chief Driving Examiner and was asked by the Chief Driving Examiner to visit Mrs Trafford to ascertain in more detail the substance of a complaint she had made about a particular member of the Driving Examiner staff at her local driving test centre.
During my visit, she informed me that she had done everything possible to settle matters at the local level, but had come up against a brick wall, so in utter frustration she had seen her Member of Parliament, who had asked her for evidence in order that he could take it up with the Minster.
To cut a long story short, there were problems, most of which had been 'hushed up' by a local manager who appeared to think it was his job to keep matters 'in-house' and not let headquarters know what was going on.
However, after a thorough investigation, her complaint proved to be fully justified and in consequence, the Driving Standards Agency was criticised by Government and forced to set up a more accurate and foolproof method of dealing with complaints.
Having dealt successfully with what she considered to be her own particular injustice, Barbara set up The ADI Federation, to help other Approved Driving Instructors who might find themselves in a similar situation.

Since its inception, The ADI Federation has helped quite a number of driving instructors who have encountered difficulties both of a personal nature and in line with their work.

There are a number of organisations who represent the Driving Instructor Industry, but when I retired from the DSA and became a driving instructor, the only organisation I joined was The ADI Federation and remained a member until my full retirement.
I have always found Barbara to be a straight talker, she calls a spade a spade, and seems afraid of no-one. This forthright approach can occasionally ruffle feathers. Never-the-less, she has what I would describe as 'old fashioned' values, if she can help someone she will. She actively helps local charities and I can only believe these are the values of an honest person.

Keith Lowcock

I have been a member of the ADI Federation for a number of years and found that The Federation is most helpful to its members as well as the local associations across the country. I have personally had a lot of help at different times during my membership and The ADI Federation did help with advice and guidance.
The help I needed was with cancelling my Check Test and most recently regaining my ADI licence after being off the road over 14 months due to my illness.
Over the years I found that no matter what the problem or difficulty any ADI has, The ADI Federation is always able and willing, and will do its utmost to help and support any member.
The ADI Federation is well respected and most appreciated at our association of which I am the Chairman. I and our members hope that the ADI Federation continues with the great service for many years to come.

I had a pupil fail their test in an automatic car because they left the vehicle in drive when they were stationery at junctions/traffic lights.
I spoke to the examiner but he insisted his decision was right (I didn't expect anything else!).
On my return home, I telephoned The ADI Federation and explained the situation and they said that they would ring me back which they did after a short time and gave me the phone number of gentlemen within the DSA in Nottingham.
I rang him and he couldn't believe what had happened.
The upshot was that my pupil was given another test free of charge which she duly passed.

Just a few examples of how The ADI Federation helps its members.